Thursday, July 09, 2015

Here in my comics I feel safest of all

For sanity's sake, I'm staying away from social media until San Diego Comic-Con is over (because long story, no time to tell it here), so in the meantime, please enjoy, from the pages of Britain's Eagle Annual, synth pop sensation Gary Numan!

"Personalities with a Plus!" from Eagle Annual 1983 [#25] (1983)

Mister Gary Numan also appears in comics in Joseph Michael Linser's Crypt of Dawn #4, which, due to the fact that I have taste, I do not own.

Cover of Crypt of Dawn #4 (June 1998), painted art by Joseph Michael Linsner

But I found it on the internet for you anyway.

Gary Numan pin-up from Crypt of Dawn #4 (June 1998), painted art by Greg Williams

And Dawn appeared on the cover of Gary Numan's 1997, Dawn!

(The UK version of the album is titled Sacrifice and has an entirely different cover, for British people of discerning taste.)

Still, I'll give Gary Numan's Dawn this: As a comic book tie-in CD, it's no Songs of the Witchblade.

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