Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Today in Comics History: Aside from that, yes, actually, Mrs. Lincoln did enjoy the play

Today in comic books, and, for that matter, real life:

Panel from "News Snapshots: Past and Present" in It Really Happened #10 (August 1947), creators unknown

Yes, it's It Really Happened, the comic book where it really happened! As opposed to the comic book Jack Kirby's We Wish It Happened!:

Panel from The New Gods (1971 series) #1 (February-March 1971), script and pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Vince Colletta, letters by John Costanza

And if you think that's impressive, just imagine what Vince Coletta erased!

Anyway, Lincoln was relaxing at the theatre, and on with the show! Say, I wonder what Lincoln was enjoying so much?

Panels from (top to bottom) It Really Happened #10; the Marvo the Magician story in Lightning Comics v.2 #1 (June 1941), creators unknown; "The Super Stunt-Man!" in Superman (1939 series) #26 (January-February 1944), script:by Bill Finger, pencils by Joe Shuster and Ira Yarbrough, inks by George Roussos (?); from "Vaudeville Section" in Fat and Slat #4 (Spring 1948), script and art by Ed Wheelan

Yes, that's how it really happened.


Naw, I'm jus' foolin' ya. Here's how it actually "went down," as the kids say today.

So. That happened.

Then, today tomorrow and twelve days from now in comics history, this happened:

Hmm. I think I prefer my version better. Sorry, Mr. Lincoln!

More President Lincoln getting assassinated comics here. So many there ought be an entire tab on TV Tropes for this.

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