Monday, January 12, 2015

Star Wars Cosplay Theater Week, Episode I: The Phantom Tank Menace

All this week over at 13th Dimension it's Star Wars Week, by which I suspect there might be something happening that'll rattle the Force until it's all shook up on Wednesday. Could it be...the release of Jar Jar Binks's new hip-hop album, "Meeso Amorous"? (Dunno, could beeeeeee.)

Anyway, in order to celebrate Star Wars Week, along with my continuing feature 365 Days of Star Wars Comics, let's kick off a week of Star Wars Cosplay Theater, in which your favorite comic book characters try to convince us they were in Star Wars. (You're not fooling anyone, Aquaman.)

Today: the elderly Captain Jeb Stuart swaps radio traffic with none else than Steve Trevor, who tries to engage him in a little Star Wars Cosplay. Unfortunately, even though Jeb is approximately one bajillion years old, he has never seen Star Wars, so the reference is apparently lost on him. Jeez, who doesn't know that bit?!

Panels from the Haunted Tank story "Mettle" in G.I. Combat (2012 series) #5 (December 2012), script by Peter J. Tomasi, pencils and inks by Howard Chaykin, colors by Jesus Aburtov, letters by Rob Leigh

Join us tomorrow for trade negotiations and senatorial treaty discussions! Naw, I'm jus' foolin' ya. Tomorrow: more Star Week Cosplay Theater Wars! Or something like that.

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