Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Paper Doll Month, Day 17: Then I saw her face, now Irma believer

"Irma's Fashions" from My Friend Irma #35 (Marvel/Atlas, September 1953), pencils and inks by Dan DeCarlo

My Friend Irma was a popular radio, movie, TV (and, yes, comic book) series focusing on the antics of smart girl Jane and her best friend and roommate, the silly-headed Irma (like Gracie Allen, though, Irma was always full of some sort of universal sense).

Mostly forgotten today, My Friend Irma is perhaps best remembered as the movie that introduced the duo of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis to a worldwide audience:

...and while Irma's comic book was at Marvel, Dean and Jerry's was over at DC, on what I like to call Earth-28, the world they shared with the adventures of Bob Hope. Therefore, we can deduce that the My Friend Irma movie took place on the same world that hosted the Superman/Spider-Man crossovers or the X-Men and the Teen Titans team-up...Crossover-Earth, the only Earth that lies directly between the DC and Marvel multiverses. Until Grant Morrison blew it up. BOOM!

So, now you know how My Friend Irma a cataclysmic crossover comic book event.

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