Wednesday, August 20, 2014

At 13th Dimension: 13 Dimensions of Multiversity: DC Worlds We Want Brought Back!

Today, Grant Morrison hijacked your mind and took you on a escapade around various worlds of the DC multiverse in the first issue of The Multiversity! (Aw, he's always doin' that.) And of course you all know what that means: online comments complaining that the comic book is too hard to understand. Also: another article by my bestest pal John over at 13th Dimension! Storrison's morey Morrison's story takes us to Earths 7, 8, and 23, brings back Captain Carrot (the Sensational New Character Find of 1982!) with an all-new look, President Calvin Ellis (Superman of Earth-23), and Lord Volt and Lady Quark! Not to mention Aquawoman of Earth-11 and comic book fan Red Racer of Earth-36!

John's 13th Dimension article covers the 13 DC Earths we'd like brought back in Multiversity, and it's a baker's dozen whoopie-dooper of some choices! But (as always), I wonder why John didn't include this Earth?:

The Earth of cancelled comic book characters,
where Animal Man met Angel Love!

Panels from Animal Man (1988 series) #24 (August 1967); script by Grant Morrison, pencils by Chas Truog, inks by Doug Hazlewood, colors by Tatjana Wood, letters by John Costanza


Once again, that's 13 Dimensions of Multiversity over at 13th Dimension! And remember, when traveling from one Earth to the other, always remove bottles of liquid larger than 3 ounces from your carry-on bags! (Because Aquaman loves that stuff.)

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HÃ¥kan S. said...

And what comic book is the Black Superman reading? Mod Love?