Sunday, July 13, 2014

Bear Attack! Month 2014, Day 13: Bi-Polar Bear

Panels from "Shako!" in 2000 AD #20 (July 9, 1977), script by Pat Mills and John Wagner, pencils and inks by Ramon Sola, letters by Jack Potter

I could devote the entire rest of the month to the gruesome bear attacks of the black-humored feature Shako, which ran for 16 installments in the early issues of 2000 AD. In the words of the feature's slogan: "Shako hates mankind, and what Shako hates, Shako destroys!" Which, you have to admit, is certainly a better slogan than "smarter than the average bear." Yep, I could just post any random panel from a Shako story to fulfill the requirements of Bear Attack! Month, but let's just indulge with a couple more that cement Shako's position as the killer Incredible Hulk of the bears:

Not to mention this tagline: the only bear on the CIA death list!

Shako, won't you?


Blam said...

All he wanted was a Coke.

timber-munki said...

Conversely he's one of 3 bears on the FBI death list