Wednesday, March 26, 2014

365 Days of KirbyTech, Day 85: Secret Government Facility Gamma Reactor

The Thunderbolts, that snazzy squadron that dresses in red and black, has infiltrated an abandoned secret government base. Why abandoned? Because it apparently doesn't have DSL.

Panel from Thunderbolts (2013 series) #20.NOW (March 2014), script by Charles Soule, pencils and inks by Carlo Barberi, colors by Israel Silva, letters by Joe Sabino

The Red Leader (no relation to this guy) must connect his psychotronic brain to the World Wide Web...I dunno, every hour? that he Cheezeburger Cat photos, I guess. If he doesn't hook up to the Internet, this bus will explode his big bulgy head will go all melty or burn out or maybe turn green again, I'm not certain. To get the web up and running, the Leader must repair a deactivated gamma reactor.

And that deactivated gamma reactor looks like this:

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