Monday, February 03, 2014

Grover Groundhog Day III: Hour 24

It's true, Gentle Readers: with this post, Grover Groundhog Day III is now officially over.

Panel from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer #10 (December 1959), script by Sy Reit (?), pencils and inks by Rube Grossman(?)

Little Stuffed Me, Grover, Rudolph, Angel Love and all your favorites from GGD sure hope you've enjoyed today's excitement, and that you'll return next year for Grover Groundhog Day IV: The Quest for Peace!

Until then, you can count down the days using Rudolph's handy wall calendar for 1958! Hey, hey, hey, there, no complaining...because 1958's calendar is the same as 2014's! Grover Groundhog sez: have a dandy, shadow-filled year!

(Click picture to embiggen and to print!)


Yatz said...

You, sir, are a true American hero!

Fowl Ideas said...

From what I remember about the television show, Rudolph was ostracized for being different until a high status member of the community (Santa) suddenly became dependent on him.

Bigotry is cute, isn't it?