Friday, February 14, 2014

At 13th Dimension: "Thirteen Days a Week: A Beatles Comics Countdown" #1 and "He Came in Through the Bat-Room Window!"

All this week on 13th Dimension, it's Beatles Week! And at last my person pal John might have some time to toss the old pigskin around and take me to see The Lego Movie after spending the whole week writing posts for 13th Dimension!

Tonight you can read two posts: first, his final installment in Thirteen Days A Week: A Beatles Comics Countdown spotlights the very first Beatles comic (and no, it's not an issue of Blue Beetle from the Golden Age!).

Then, as if that' weren't enough rich Liverpudlian goodness, check out the post I-Can't-Believe-Editor-Dan-Greenfield-Let-John-Keep-This-Title titled "He Came in Through the Bat-Room Window," spotlighting Batman #222 and the mysterious case of the dead or alive British pop sensation named Saul not Paul Cartwright not McCartney.

And yes, yet again, John has ignored my little stuffed pleas to include this, the greatest Beatles panel in comic book history:

Panel from "Exiled on the Bizarro World!" in Jimmy Olsen #80 (October 1964), script by Jerry Siegel (?), pencils by John Forte, inks by George Klein

Maybe John was right. Maybe I shoulda saved that for "The Entire Silver Age in One Panel."

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Dave said...

I always wondered how Bizarro #3 or Bizarro Jimmy #17 felt. "Me could have not been contender?"