Wednesday, February 12, 2014

At 13th Dimension: "Thirteen Days a Week: A Beatles Comics Countdown" III!

All this week on 13th Dimension, it's Beatles Week! Human pal John (who I time-share my iMac with) has written about some of the greatest Beatles appearances in comic books—thirteen in all! Tonight, installment number three, counting down from 7 to 5 and starring Chronos, The Bee Gees with Peter Frampton (marginally, at least), and Jimmy Olsen!

I keep makin' suggestions, but John never include the Beatles moments in comic books that I suggest. Moments like the time Doc Savage's son went to the famous concert at Shea Stadium:

Panel from Doc Savage (1987 miniseries) #2 (December 1987), script by Dennis O'Neil, pencils by Andy Kubert, inks and letters by Adam Kubert, colors by Petra Kubert Scotese

You have no taste, Son of Man of Bronze!

Once again, that's Beatles Week at 13th Dimension! Head there, and while you're over there, wish 13th Dimension editor Dan Greenfield a Happy Birthday! They say it's his birthday! We're gonna have a good time!


d said...

Except that show was at Candlestick Park, not Shea, as every Beatles fan knows!

Bully said...

Oh! You are absolutely right, d! Thanks for the correction, and for your eagle eye, you are hereby awarded the coveted Bull-Prize, Yellow Submersible edition! Thanks!