Friday, January 10, 2014

Today in Comics History: The Human Torch's arrival in Gotham City does not go unnoticed

Panels from Batman #659 (January 2007), script by John Ostrander, pencils and inks by Tom Mandrake, colors by Nathan Eyring, letters by Rob Leigh


Phillip said...

As someone who works as a longshoreman, unloading cargo ships, I can always tell when an artist is just guessing when it comes to those cranes. I get it, I looked at them my whole life and didn't understand how they worked until I was working next to them.

Bully said...

Now that's not something I would have thought to check against reality, Phillip, so thank you! I'm currently working on a post about how off-target the portrayal of a bookstore is in Doktor Sleepless, but I wouldn't know a correctly drawn crane from a heron! Thanks!