Tuesday, November 05, 2013

And now, a public service announcement from Binky!

"Binky's Special Election Exhibit" PSA, printed in DC Comics cover-dated November 1956, script by Jack Schiff (?), pencils and inks by Bob Oksner, letters by Ira Schnapp

Ladies and gentlemen and little stuffed beings, Binky is right! Get out there and vote today for the candidate of your choice! And if there's one thing that Binky knows about, it's choice!

Cover of Binky #82 (Summer 1977), pencils by Stan Goldberg


Dave said...

I don't know what disturbs me more here; the literacy test requirement of the "Tot Lot."

Blam said...

Binky was awfully quick to reply with that "Neither am I". Should we be insulted that he assumes everyone reading is under 18 and/or a convicted felon?