Monday, September 09, 2013

Comics Within Comics Month, Day 9: First appearance, Golden Age Comic Book Guy

Panels from Martian Manhunter: American Secrets #2 (1992), script by Gerard Jones, pencils and inks by Eduardo Barreto, colors by Steve Oliff, letters by Pat Brosseau

is more or less this:

Cover of All-Star Comics (1940 series) #4 (not #5) (March-April 1941), pencils and inks by Everett Hibbard, with touch-ups on Hawkman's helmet and wings by Sheldon Moldoff

Apparently this guy is supposed to be a parody of Bill Gaines of EC Comics. If I were him, I'd sue from beyond the grave.

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Blam said...

I'm on board with Herbie Popnecker becoming a beatnik, but I don't quite get the X-ray specs.