Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Comics Within Comics Month, Day 4: This is how awesome Batman is... awesome that his legend is carried on into post-apocalyptic Earth through the medium of his own comic books!

Panels from The Brave and the Bold #120 (July 1975); script by Bob Haney; pencils, inks, and letters by Jim Aparo

Cover of The Brave and the Bold #118 (April 1975), pencils and inks by Jim Aparo, colors by Tatjana Wood

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Blam said...

That ish of B&B was one of my earliest comic books. "Say, 4-year-old kid, I bet you're old enough not to be freaked out by Batman and Wildcat in poison-cestus boxing match and The Joker holding a gun to a rabid dog's head. Enjoy!"