Sunday, September 01, 2013

Comics Within Comics Month, Day 1: You call that a knife?

This month, all month, your noontime lunchbreak special feature (at no extra cost!) is Comics Within Comics, comic books where your favorite comic books are spotlighted! Don't grok the 'cept yet? Check this out, amigos!

Panels from The Flash (1959 series) #137 (June 1963), script by Gardner Fox, pencils by Carmine Infantino, inks by Joe Giella

Cover of All-Star Comics (1940 series) #37 (October-November 1947), pencils and inks by Irwin Hasen

Get it now? It's as simple as that. Comics Within Comics! All month!


-- MrJM said...

Hey, Bully! That issue of All-Star Comics was actually published in November, 1947.

Pedantically yrs.,
-- MrJM

Bully said...

You are correct, MrJM! Award yourself a shiny new Bull-Prize, Table-Top Edition!

Blam said...

Actually actually, it was published in August but dated October-November.

Even more pedanctically yours,

PS: Great idea for a theme month, Bullster!

PPS: Letters in Barry's panels by Gaspar "The Friendly Ghost Is the Other Guy" Saladino.

PPPS: Did nobody want Northern California?