Monday, September 02, 2013

Comics Within Comics Month, Day 2: Comics are your best entertainment value (if you're a Norse god)

Panels from Journey into Mystery #646 (January 2013), script by Kathryn Immonen, pencils and inks by Valerio Schiti, colors by Jordie Bellaire, letters by Clayton Cowles

Covers of Journey into Mystery #67-68 (April-May 1961); pencils by Steve Ditko (#67) and Jack Kirby (#68), inks by Steve Ditko (#67) and Dick Ayers (#68), colors by Stan Goldberg, letters by Artie Simek

The depiction of JIM #67 in the final panel is accurate even down to the back cover:

As far as I can tell, the inside front cover of the comic (JIM #68) Sif's holding (with a fireworks ad) does not match the real #68. But the stories described in the final panel are absolutely accurate!

Top: Splash page of "The Black Clock!" in Journey into Mystery #67 (April 1961); pencils and inks by Don Heck
Bottom: Splash page of "The Last Voyage of Captain Kragg" in Journey into Mystery #67 (April 1961); pencils and inks by Steve Ditko

You've got to wonder who in Broxton, Oklahoma donated two rare, in-decent-looking-condition fifty year old comic books to go to the kids of Asgardia. Stop bending back the cover, Sif!


Myles said...

I think the Thing mentioned fighting Gruto once. So, for characters in the Marvel Universe, those stories are essentially educational aids; documentaries in comic form. Kids in the Marvel Universe enjoy reading about the Last Voyage of Captain Kragg and Spragg the same way kids in our universe enjoy reading about Marco Polo and Meerkat Manor. I wonder if there are any fiction-based comics in the MU?

Myles said...

SallyP said...

I am going to miss Journey into Mystery. The whole location of Asgard in Broxton has turned into comics GOLD!

Blam said...

No! It was NOT only a clock! It was A CLOCK RADIO!
(Spoiler alert.)