Sunday, September 08, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 251: Alphabet Antics House Ads Week, Day 1

This week, all week: it's DC Comics Alphabet Antics House Ads Week! Beginning in books cover-dated October 1945 and continuing for the following two years and a month, DC advertised its books through 26 alphabet-animal themed house ads, each spotlighting an unusual critter (sometimes realistically drawn, sometimes very cartoony) representing a letter and accompanied by some light doggeral about how much that animal loved DC Comics. Hey, how come you didn't use B is for Bull, guys? There were usually printed on the inside cover, so most are in black-and-white, but we'll be seeing a few color ones later in the week. Wherever possible, the ads featured a comic beginning with the same letter as the animal, too! And I'll be running you through all of these, all week long! (Some of the ads are in very poor shape and I've done a little reconstructive Photoshoppery on them, but results may vary.) Let's get things kicked off with the letter...let me consult my chart here...okay, the letter A! Take it away, letter A!

DC Comics alphabet house ads
A: from Batman #31 (October 1945)
B: from Superman #37 (November 1945)
C: from Batman #32 (December 1945)
D: from Superman #38 (January 1946)

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