Saturday, July 20, 2013

Captain Tootsie Month, Day 20: Captain Tootsie battles against the horrible tradition of blackface

"Captain Tootsie and the Return of Dr. Narsty," from World's Finest Comics #2 (May-June 1946), by C. C. Beck and Peter Constanza

Captain Tootsie Saturday Special Bonus: Not only is he an energy-filled, fists-a-pumpin', sugar-high-addled crimefighter, Captain Tootsie is also a crack magician!

Tootsie house ad from All American Western #104 (December 1948)


Dave said...

Also included: trick that turns blond hair red.

Blam said...

"I've heard so much about your Secret Legion from Cadwallader!" What is wrong with this sentence?

He was actually born into the Urnpleasant family but adopted Narsty later in life.