Saturday, July 13, 2013

Captain Tootsie Month, Day 13: That zebra costume didn't help Red at all

"Captain Tootsie Captures Red the Terror!" from World's Finest Comics #18 (Summer 1945), by C. C. Beck and Peter Constanza

Here's your extra Saturday Tootsie Bonus page! Please chew it carefully!

"Captain Tootsie Wants You to Try All Tootsie Candies," advertisement from Big Town #10 (October 1951


Jon Jermey said...

Somebody should tell Fatso about telephones.

Tom said...

What kind of mother would call her son "Fatso"? Even if everybody called him "Fatso", a sensitive and caring mother would rather call him "Big Boney"

Bully said...

Tom, even Mrs. Tompkins calls her son "Tubby."