Sunday, June 23, 2013

Today in Comics History: The "Pickles the Clown Will Write Your Child a Surprise Letter" company goes bankrupt

Panels from Nightwing (1995 limited series) #1 (September 1995), script by Dennis O'Neil, pencils by Greg Land, inks by Mike Sellers, colors by Cathi Bertrand, letters by John Costanza

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Blam said...

Once again that hover-text was genuinely LOL, Bully. It looks like Pickles jumped the gun.

In other news: I can only assume that the institution blunts this guy's forks because there's no telling how out-of-control he gets if he can't make a perfect map of the world with his pancake syrup.

If you want to make sure your threats and/or ransom demands get through, by the way, writing on light-green paper with a pale pink crayon is not the way to do it.