Sunday, May 05, 2013

Kick in the Crotch Month, Day 5: What Hunter S. Thompson probably wanted to do to Warren Ellis

One of my favorite comic book kicks-in-the-crotch:

Panels from Transmetropolitan #11 (July 1998), script by Warren Ellis, pencils by Darick Robertson, inks by Rodney Ramos, colors by Nathan Eyring, letters by Clem Robins


Brian Smith said...

Real-life travails knocked me off Twitter and have kept me away from the comic sites where I used to lurk, including this one...

...but when I read today that Keira Knightley had gotten married, my first thought was, "Oh, no, Bully." (This really IS Kick in the Crotch Month.)

Bully said...

It's okay, Brian. (sniffle) There's still Jane Wiedlin.