Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Please celebrate today by drawing Daniel Day-Lewis.

Happy birthday, Abe! I got you a new axe to split rails with. Careful, that thing's sharp. And heavy. Uh oh, look out, Tommy Lee Jones!

Advertising page for Art Instruction, Inc. from House of Mystery #73 (April 1958)

Here: I have drawn Daniel Day-Lewis. I drew him with his shirt off.

Cover of Classics Illustrated #142 (January 1958), painting by Gerald McCann

I just wanted to draw Daniel Day-Lewis with his shirt off. Is that so wrong?!?

(When you have finished drawing Mister Day-Lewis, please give the two extra coupons to friends. Extra bonus if one of your friends is Sally Field.)

1 comment:

Blam said...

Do not, however, draw Sally Field with her shirt off, even if it's Sally Field circa Smokey and the Bandit. Ms. Field was The Flying Nun for, um, Pete's sake.

And do not draw Tommy Lee Jones shirtless just on general principle.