Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bewitched, Bothered and [REDACTED]

So, in today's hard-hitting, espionage-flavored, Hawkeye-and-Black-Widow-stuffed first issue of the new Secret Avengers title, Agent Phil "I'm Not Dead" Coulson of S.H.I.E.L.D.* uses the carrot and the stick by offering Jeremy and Scarlett Clint and Natasha a chance to handle a very, very personal case if they sign up for this super-secret strike force. So what is that case?

Panels from Secret Avengers v.2 #1 (April 2013), script by Nick Spencer, pencils and inks by Luke Ross, colors by Matthew Wilson, letters by Clayton Cowles

Hmmmm. "REDACTED." I guess that means they aren't going to tell us/make us wait for the annual/haven't any idea what it is/are settling up a guest appearance by Wolverine, who seldom appears in comic books these days.

On the other hand, since it's REDACTED, that means I can substitute any li'l thing at all in my mind that I want to be a case that Hawkguy and BW are eager to attack. And here it is:

Oh, like you wouldn't buy that crossover.

*Surely Hawkeye Incessantly Eats Little Donuts


Andrew Leal said...

I was always suspicious of Spider-Ham. Something about him just isn't kosher.

SallyP said...

I would SO buy that book.

Blam said...

I would have expected it to go a little more like this.

Blam said...

Good one, Andrew... I actually liked the Marvel Tails one-shot enough to get the ongoing Spider-Ham series it launched for a while — but it was no Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew. Bully's right, though; I would probably totally buy Black Widow/Hawkeye: Bringing Home the Bacon.