Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ten of a Kind: 1,001 10 Arabian Nights

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Michael Jones said...

Does Jeannie meet your standards?
Sad to say, the only one of these I've read was the Howard the Duck. I'd love to read the Bob Hope one.

Blam said...

Ah yes... The story where Olive Oyl caught Popeye with a hookah.

Bully said...

Michael: Jeannie always counts! Please consider yourself hereby notably awarded with a Bull-Prize, Arabian Nights Edition! Just rub it until it shines. Sorry, I left it in the basement and it got kinda grotty.

Blam: I was trying to come up with an alt-text that used that kind of joke and you just nailed it!

Blam said...

Thanks, Bully! I'm always tickled to get a hoofs-up from you.