Sunday, January 13, 2013

365 Days of DC House Ads, Day 13

House ad for World's Finest Comics's format change to an 80-Page Dollar Comic with issue #244 (April-May 1977);
printed in Batman #284 (February 1977)


Blam said...

That is weird. Whoever put this together:
— took the Curt Swan & George Klein figures from the 10-year-old cover to World's Finest #167 (whose faces were missing due to their surprise IDs in an Imaginary Story);
— pasted in what looks like a Dick Dillin head on Batman;
— pasted in what might be a Bob Oksner head (or a Swan & Oksner head, or Oksner retouching a Swan head) on Superman;
— used Dillin Green Arrow and Black Canary heads below, managing to find one where Canary looks like an unconvincing drag queen; and
— threw what I'll say is a José Delbo & Vince Colletta Wonder Woman head in-between them for a stylistic loop.

Oh, yeah: Kryptonite tiara!

The lengths that Production goes to sometimes (at many a publishing house) to avoid commissioning new work never ceases to astound me, especially when you end up with a paste-up hodgepodge like this. It's not quite an eyesore, exactly, but it is a conundrum, especially since DC had Neal Adams heads in regular use on JLA.

I loved them World's Finest Dollar Comics, though.

JonJ said...

Immortus's unprecedented villainy? Wearing his cloak back to front.

"Ha, they won't follow me because they'll think I'm coming towards them!"

SallyP said...

I have to admit that 80 pages of pure excitement sounds awfully tempting!