Saturday, December 08, 2012

Bully's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Countdown 2012: Day 8

Hi there! I'm about to go outside and play (which is why I have my warm duffel coat on and mittens for my hooves), but before I do I wanted to open today's door on my Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. If you have one at home, feel free to play along. If you don't have one...JEALOUS?

Door number eight can be found located directly beneath the picture of the gift-ribboned Death Star. "Happy Life Day, Princess Leia! Hope you survive the experience!"

It's the freeze-dried, vacuum-packed remains of a Rebel Pilot! Quite possibly Wedge Antilles, maybe Gavin Darklighter. One thing we can be sure of: this is not Porkins, as Lego has stated they would go bankrupt creating such an oversized minifig. I ask Lego to please reconsider this and give us the pleasantly plump Rebel hero the others kindly called "Piggy." Also if you can, Lego: he should smell liek bacon.

Whoever he is, he doesn't look much healthier out of the bag.

There we go! Put him together and he's a Rebel Pilot in...heh heh heh...good standing! Hah! I slay me! See ya tomorrow, Legomaniacs!

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