Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Bully's Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar Countdown 2012: Day 5

I have used the power of the force (and also my knowledge of math) to home in on door number five of my Lego Stars Wars Advent Calendar! Let's us open it! And by us, I mean me.

AW-RIGHT! It is Boba Fett's v. cool ship, Slave I! And by cool, I mean cooler than him, because, as you know, Boba Fett went out like a chump. I just like to remind y'all of that every now and then.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy! In addition to being able to make Slave I, this Lego set has two of my favorite pieces in it. Can you guess why? Gain points if you guess! And we all know what points mean, right?*

That's because I can make it into a lovely heart! i just made this Lego to say "I love you!" Also, I love Star Wars.

But now if the time on Bully's blog when we dance make a space ship! Let's all space ships, it has a base that looks like a remote control...

There ya go! Slave I in all its glory, as seen in The Empire Strikes Back! Also, two extra pieces, which, I guess, could be the space garbage that Fett floats away in. Or maybe they are the severed heads of Jango and Boba Fett, side by side! Take yer pick.

Slave I, won't you?


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