Thursday, November 15, 2012

366 Days with Alfred Pennyworth, Day 320

Two-page spread from Batman and Robin: From Alfred to Zowie! (Golden Books, 1966), "told by" Ruthanna Thomas, "pictures adapted by" Tom Gill
(Click picture to eight-by-eight-size)


Daniel O' Dreams said...

"Pardon me sir, a Mr. Wertham would like a word..."

Blam said...
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Blam said...

Bruce: "The hot line is bright pink!"
Dick: "Holy Fuchsia, Bruce! You're right! And so are all the red books on the bookshelf!"
Alfred: "The windmill in that painting of Holland you won't let me take down is as well, I dare say, Young Master Dick."
Bruce: "I'm afraid that this can only mean one thing."
Dick: "You don't mean --"
Bruce: "I do. Gotham City is once again under the patronizing, pernicious pennyloafers of... Captain Faaabulous!"
William Shakespeare Bust: [thinking] "I can't believe I only get scale for this."

(Sorry for the repeat comment... Wouldja believe I misspelled "Faaabulous"?!?)