Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Now these are my heroes.

Panels from Action Comics v.2 #7 (May 2012), script by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Rag Morales, inked by Rick Bryant, colored by Brad Anderson, lettered by Patrick Brouseau

Panels from Amazing Spider-Man #681 (May 2012), script by Dan Slott and Chris Yost, pencilled by Giuseppe Camuncoli, inked by Klaus Janson, colored by Frank D'Armata, lettered by Joe Caramagna

This is what my heroes do. And succeed. Is it any coincidence these stories are written by some of the best creators in the business today?


Jayunderscorezero said...

That issue of Action has a number of good Superman lines. I'm partial to the simple "nothing's impossible" from near the beginning.

Drew said...

Yes, both examples are inspirational. The first such use I can remember of the hero using the vow "Nobody dies!" came early in the early Wally West Flash series. Can't remember the issue, but he was saving folks on a falling plane. Mike Baron writing? Anyway, it stuck with me.