Saturday, January 21, 2012

Same Story, Different Cover: First appearance in comics, Dan DiDio

L: World's Finest #176 (June 1968), pencils and inks by Neal Adams
R: World's Finest #302 (April 1984), pencils by Ed Hannigan, inks by Klaus Janson
(Click picture to Frank Miller's-ego-lets-him-think-he-did-this-first-size)


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

So...who was the chick in shadow? Hopefully not Madame Fatale.

Erik Johnson said...

The staring contest on the left reminds me way too much of the poster for the final Harry Potter movie.

Bully said...

Wayne: it was a male, and [SPOILER ALERT FOR A COMIC BOOK published 34 years ago] it was actually an aging actor posing as an alien because he'd figured out Batman and Superman's secret identities and wanted to see how they'd react. Then, he died. One of the "fair play clues" given to determine the solution: the "alien" claimed to be from a planet orbiting Sirius, but Superman explained that he flew off to Sirius to check and it didn't have any inhabitants on that planet. Weel, sure, Ellery Queen!

Erik: Who do you think would win a staring content between Batman and Superman? I totally think Bats could make Supes crack up.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Superman would have made a great Phone-A-Friend if Who Wants To Be A Millionaire was still on. "Superman,which of these--what, oh,OK. I'll say C., Regis. Sirius."

Erik: Batman could make Superman crack up by smiling or something. Superman does that all the time, so he'd be caught off guard.