Saturday, October 30, 2010

Same Story, Different Cover: Maybe I'm Amazed

Mystic #41/Chamber of Chills #41

L: Mystic v.3 #41 (November 1955), art by unknown
R: Chamber of Chills #25 (March 1974), reprinting "The Test!" from Mystic #41, art by Ron Wilson and Mike Esposito
(Click picture to B. F. Skinnersize)

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Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

Theres something eerie about the human eyes looking out in "Mystic", but I prefer "Chills" on account the the two running figures give us not only a sense of danger and suspense, but also because we can identify with the two of them better than the stiff, faceless figure in the other cover.

"Chills"'s monster looks a lot like Godzilla.