Friday, April 09, 2010

365 Days with Hank McCoy, Day 99: Ryan Dunlavey Sketch Card Special Edition

Last year, Discount Comic Book Service had a special promotion: if you bought a copy of Marvel's MODOK: Reign Delay one-shot by Ryan Dunlavey, you'd get a free sketch card by Mister Dunlavey! Heckuva deal! thought I (in my Minnesota accent)! The comic arrived and I loved it—it made #35 on my Fun Fifty of 2009—and I pretty much promptly forgot about the free sketch card. DCBS sent out a notice that they were still being worked on and were forthcoming, but again they slipped my mind until I got a package this week and opened it to find, surprise, surprise, the best sketch card I could have hoped for:
Hank McCoy

Kismet, co-incidence, or cosmic fate, I can't even begin to guess how, out of the hundreds of cards Ryan Dunlavey did, that the one with The Beast wound up in my fuzzy little hooves. Short of a lucky fairy godfather at DCBS looking over me and intentionally putting this one aside for me, I'd say it's just one of those wonderful serendipitous events that as I'm doing 365 Days of Hank McCoy, this happens.

Hank looks like he's read something a little worrisome there. Maybe he's just had his basic ideas challenged by a particularly brain-blasting section of one of his favorite books...but, y'know, I think maybe he may have just got to the part of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire where Voldemort blasts Cedric. Hank may be a big brain and all, but he's sensitive like that.

Hey, go on over to Ryan Dunlavey's blog and check out other sketch cards he did for this promotion...and there's more here...and wow, look, there's even more here! (Look careful and you'll spot mine!)

There's a heckuva lotta wonderful sketches in there. And no, you can't buy 'em...they've all gone to lucky people and little stuffed animals like me! But...and this is the important can commission Ryan to do a sketch card or other artwork right here! Go ahead, what are you waitin' for?

Thanks, Mister Dunlavey, for a very cool ninety-ninth Beast of the year!


Jee said...

re: the book he is reading

the Dr. became curious about this "Twilight" everybody was speaking of ...

Bill D. said...

Oh my stars and garters indeed!

I got the Tigra one. Love it!