Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ten of a Kind: Pamcakes!

Hellboy: Pancakes
Hellboy: Pancakes

Hellboy: Pancakes

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Ron Hogan said...

He is lost to us forever.

dylanio21 said...

My favourite here is obviously Hellboy.
But it's so cool to see the Looney Tunes comics, is there any high quality reprints of these?
Little Lulu is pretty sweet too but I haven't really seen much in terms of high quality reprints for her either.

Anonymous said...

But will he eat them with a goat?

Michael Jones said...

I used a couple of these last month on Shrove Tuesday. My favourite would be DtheM. Sweet pickle relish & chili sauce...mmm.

Unknown said...

I think I own a copy of that Heckle & Jeckle.

Nice alt text on... well all of them!

Phillip said...

Alt text on ten of a kind!! It's a bold new world, and I like it.