Thursday, January 14, 2010

Johnny Storm is an insensitive boob!

Yes he is! After all, how else can you explain this:

MTU #1

...taking Spidey to the bridge where the love of his life died? Taaaac-ky, Mister Storm! You certainly deserve it when Spider-Man lets you have it with both barrels:
MTU #147

Zing! Right between the eyes! You got him there, Pete! Now, go in for the subtle but sophisticated bon mot that will leave Johnny squirming...
MTU #147

...wha...WHOA, SPIDEY! That's going a little bit too far! Ouch!

No wonder Spider-Man wound up like this:
ASM #261

And that's why, when you're trading insults with your friends...try to stay off the comments about infant death, okay? Isn't that right, Superman?
Darn straight!

Spider-Man panels are from 1) Marvel Team-Up #1; 2 & 3) Marvel Team-Up #147; 4) Amazing Spider-Man #261

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Unknown said...

WOW, Spider-Man is a dick!