Monday, November 30, 2009

365 Days with Ben Grimm, Day 334

Today's edition of 365 Days with Ben Grimm comes courtesy of fellow comics blogger Doktor Andy, head of surgery over at Doktor Andy's Mutterings, the comics blog I'm jealous of for having found a Steve Martin meets Iron Man panel. (And lots of other cool stuff, too—check it out!)

Thank you, Doktor A, for sending me a Ben Grimm panel I'd completely forgotten about: the wild and wonderful promo of MTIO #75 that ran in Iron Man #146 (and other May '81 Marvel Comics). I did indeed buy this comic—just because I thought the ad was cool!

MTIO #75 ad
House ad from Marvel Comics promoting the double-sized anniversary edition of Marvel Two-in-One #75. In case you were worried, they did find plenty of room for Ben in that issue.
(Click picture to mountain-size)

Thanks, Dok! Consider yourself duly awarded with all fanfare and hoopla, the Bull-Prize (Division of Ben Grimmery)!


Rob McMonigal said...

One of my favorite issues, too! Once Marvel rights the ship and we're all friends again, I want the return of Ben Grimm poker nights!

Evan Waters said...

Any idea who ended up drawing that? Ben's expression is great.