Friday, October 09, 2009

Where's Sugar and Spike?

Where's Sugar and Spike?

HEY, DOLL-BOY! It's time once again to play America's favorite game, "Where's Sugar and Spike?" Polish up your spectacles and get your thinking caps on for another exciting adventure trying to find Sugar and Spike in time and space! And now, while you're getting ready, here's the theme song from "Where's Sugar and Spike?":
One sunny day in the neighborhood
Bernie the Brain did something good
He invented a machine to travel thru time
A piece of technology sublime!

But when bad Little Arthur came inside
The babies, they ran for a place to hide
They ducked inside the time machine
Now all through the years they careen!

Those babies are zippin' thru time and space
They might be flying with Enemy Ace
Or catchin' a cab into outer space
Where's Sugar and Spike?

Are they fightin' crime with Jean-Paul Valley
Or stopping a robbery in Crime Alley?
Hangin' out with Death at the Big Finale?
Where's Sugar and Spike?

You'll never know where those babies will stop
Are they with Liza Warner, Lady Cop?
Or maybe in the pages of Plop!
Where's Sugar and Spike?

Maybe they're riding a big T-rex
Alongside Bat Lash and Jonah Hex
Or maybe even Luthor (Lex!)
Where's Sugar and Spike?

Where's Sugar and Spike?
Where's Sugar and Spike?
Where's Sugar and Spike?
(In color!)
(Tonight's episode of "Where's Sugar and Spike?" is blogged before live studio audience.)

Oh my goodness, where have those babies gotten to now in Bernie the Brain's Time Machine? Why, they're on Earth-247 in the far future: the time of The Legion of Super-Heroes, to be precise! Now, in a superfuturistic world where everything is based on things that came from the twentieth and twenty-first century, can you find that mischievous pair? In other words

Where's Sugar and Spike?

Legionnaires #43

Where are Sugar and Spike? They're somewhere there in among the Legionnaires, the Legion wanna-be's, various Science Police Guys, and caraciatures of K. C. Carlson and other members of the LSH creative staff that I can't identify. (Help me, Michael, you're my only hope!)

Anyway, start timing yourself...the latest game of "Where's Sugar and Spike?"!

Did you find 'em? Good for you, Doll-Boy!

Now, rate yourself on this scale:
  • Under 10 seconds: You'd give Bernie the Brain a run for his grey matter!
  • Up to 10 minutes: You are easily distracted by shiny objects, futuristic uniforms, and the snake version of Jeckie.
  • Up to 1 hour: Yeah, I spent all that time looking for Double Header too, but you've got to stay on target!
  • 1,000 years in the future or over: Contact Dawnstar for help and keep practicing.

Well, that's all the time we have tonight for "Where's Sugar and Spike?" Join us next time when Sugar and Spike wind up in the middle of the "DC One Million" crossover, and special guest-writer Grant Morrison brings us "The Sweetness That Sliced through Fractals Polygonically" and "Doll-Humanoid in the 853rd Century" in a story he could only call "The Svkjwxp that Shouted Blrgsxlp at the Heart of the Dwdhnxg!"


Phillip said...

Well, it took more than ten seconds, but not much more. I was looking for something... smaller.

Brian Smith said...

Based on the theme alone, this is neck-and-neck with "Time Squad" for my second-favorite time-travel cartoon, just after "Peabody's Improbable History."

Still dead last: "Fonz and the Happy Days Gang."