Sunday, October 04, 2009

365 Days with Ben Grimm, Day 277: What If? Week, Day 1

Infinite EarthsWhat if... you could travel to parallel worlds? The same year, the same Earth, only a different dimension. A world where the Russians rule America, or where your dreams of becoming superstar came true, where Captain America was elected President, or where Nick Fury fought World War II in spaaaaaaaaaaaaace! Uatu, The Watcher, can see into these parallel worlds, and observe the small variations that lead to...different Things. Watch along with Uatu and witness only seven of the infinite numbers of Ben Grimms...and ask yourself the bewildering question...

What If? Week

What if? #1
Panels from What If? v.1 #1 (February 1977), script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Jim Craig, inks by Pablo Marcos, colors by Janice Cohen, letters by John Costanza
(Click picture to multiverse-size)

Welcome to Earth-772, a world where instead of rejecting Spider-Man's application to the Fantastic Four, Reed Richards admitted the young webslinger to their team, necessitating all new emblems, plus an end to all those "four" puns in the titles of FF stories. This world was the first ever seen in What If?, in the debut issue in February 1977, and the story of this altered universe continued in What If? #21 (June 1980). And even if you don't have the 20/2 to the power of infinity vision of Uatu, you can still read all about What If? #1 at Siskoid's Blog of Geekery! So read, enjoy, and keep watching the multiverse!


Rob McMonigal said...

I love What if! This is gonna be a great week of reading for me!

On a related note, have you seen this?:

Mike Podgor said...

...and Bully starts off "What If?" week by paraphrasing "Sliders". Hats off to you, young sir.

Siskoid said...


I'm loving Ben Grimm YEAR, and this is the perfect week to insert into it.

Oh, and thanks for the link.