Sunday, August 30, 2009

365 Days with Ben Grimm, Day 242

Saturday Night Live
The Flash (Dan Ackroyd): I'll get it, Lois. Sue Storm, the Invisible Girl! Come on right in! Hey, Spider-Man! All right. Spider-Woman. How are ya? Hey. Ah, the Thing! All right! Come on in, join the party.

Saturday Night Live
Clark Kent (Bill Murray): Okay, out! Get out! Everybody out! All right!
The Hulk (John Belushi): What? Come on!
Clark Kent: Get out of here, Hulk!
The Hulk: All right, hey, hey!
Clark Kent: You knew all along, didn't you, Flash—?! Get out of here!
The Flash: Naw! I'm your buddy, pal!

From "Superhero Party" on the March 17, 1979 episode of Saturday Night Live, featuring guest host Margot Kidder as Lois Lane. Read the sketch here or buy the fourth season SNL DVD at!:

Yes, truly, this was The Greatest Lois Lane Story Ever.


Amelyn said...

I remember that sketch. Very hilarious!

Michael Jones said...

I often steal Hulk's line, "It ain't supposed to smell like roses!"

SallyP said...

Aahh...a classic. And Garrett Morris as Antman will live forever in my memory.

MichaelRbn said...

One of my all time favorite SNL skits. Too bad SallyP and Michael Jones beat me to the punch regarding the Hulk and Antman (he has the strength of one man!) bits.