Monday, June 08, 2009

Bully's Sketchbook: Stephanie Yue

MoCCA 2009Hooray for MoCCA 2009! It was fun as usual to run up and down the aisles of New York's finest indie and art comics festival, buying cool stuff, saying hi to friends new and old and occasionally posing to have my picture sketched by some of the wonderful artists at the show! This past weekend I sat as still as possible while Stephanie Yue drew me in my little sketchbook along with one of her ultra-cute Tai Chi mice, both of us practicing our training positions! The mouse was very patient in teaching me this relaxing and strengthening's a bit difficult with hooves!
Bully, by Stephanie Yue
Why, I almost felt like I was being trained by a Yang master! A very small fuzzy one, but a master none the less.

I'm a firm believer in supporting the work of our talented MoCCA exhibitors, so I picked up the Novasett Island collection Stephanie's drawn with the writing of Zack Giallongo, and some of her cool and funny autobiographical minicomics (Queezie vs. Grapefruit and Irrefusable Dinner Engagement). Plus some nifty buttons featuring the characters from Novasett Island!

Cool stuff from Stephanie Yue!

They're all great fun...I especially loved the adventures of the perilous prawn cult (defeated in a most citrusy way!), the nature guidebook pages to the Island and especially "Ronald, Part 1," with Stephanie's dramatic and dynamic use of solid blacks and fluidly moving characters to hike up the spookiness and excitement. In short, as I like to say, these comics are fun! You can...(and oughta!)...pick up some of Stephanie's wonderful work at her store. Tell her a little stuffed bull sent ya!

So thank you very much, Stephanie...I had loads of fun hanging about with you and your talented mice, and your work is a delight! Hope to see you next year at MoCCA '10!

Me 'n' Stephanie Yue!

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Evan Waters said...

You're the best! Arouund! Nothing's ever gonna keep you down!

(Okay, that was karate not tai-chi, but it still fits!)