Friday, June 26, 2009

365 Days with Ben Grimm, Day 177

Panel from Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Comics Magazine #8 (September 2001), written, pencilled, and inked by a buncha, just look for yourself.

Yes, folks, you thought it couldn't happen: Ben Grimm made awesomer than he already is. How can it be done? A: Give him Captain America's shield.


I know that Marvel is promising Steve Rogers is coming back...but really, after this, I'd say his shield is in great hands already, wouldn't you?


Isaac said...

Isn't the vibranium in the shield supposed to absorb impact, though? I mean, wouldn't it hurt less to get hit with that than with a fistful of orange rocks?

Matthew said...

Ben Grimm was ALWAYS the absolute avatar of the American Dream in the Marvel Universe - never mind sickly Steve Rogers, Ben's an impoverished Jewish kid (in his original incarnation, probably the son/grandson of immigrants) from the slums who grew up through the gangs, then threw them off to go to college on a football scholarship, which he swapped for Air Force wings before GOING INTO SPACE WITH HIS BEST PAL AND BECOMING A MONSTER-FACED SUPERMAN AN' THE IDOL O'MILLIONS.

And he din't need no FLAG, neither.


JIM said...

After that, Namor stayed clobbered.