Saturday, April 04, 2009

Separated at Byrne-th Month, Week 1: "How'd you like a nice Canadian Punch?" "Sure, bub!"

John Byrne presents Separated at Byrne-th Month!It's Separated at Byrne-th Month! It's a hoot and a half, it's a back-to-the-basics bonanza, it's more thrilling than paparazzi photos of the She-Hulk, it's more fun than the time the Watcher stole Jaunty John B. from his drawing desk to serve as a witness in the trial of Reed Richard (not covered on Court TV)! Yes, it's a month of Saturdays spotlighting the salutes, parodies, pastiches and homages of Mister John Byrne, so let's get started with a bang, shall we? Oh maybe I should say...with a bang, eh?

UXM #109/Alpha Flight #17
L: [Uncanny] X-Men #109 (February 1978), art by Dave Cockrum and Terry Austin
R: Alpha Flight #17 (December 1984), art by John Byrne ("after Cockrum")
(Click picture to ROG-2000-size)

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Phillip said...

Weekly? I might need more than a month of these, then. Great stuff. (Brave, too, I guess. Sterling won't even mention his name:))