Saturday, March 07, 2009

Separated at Birth: Who can it be now?

Mad #1/It's Science #5/Donald Duck Adventures #11/Batman: Gotham Adventures #13
Top L: MAD #1 (October-November 1952), art by Harvey Kurtzman
Top R: It's Science with Dr. Radium #5 (Summer 1987), art by Scott Saavedra
Bottom L: Donald Duck Adventures v. 2 #11 (April 1991), art by Bob Foster, Todd Kurosawa, Scott Shaw!, and Gail Bailey
Bottom R: Batman: Gotham Adventures #13 (June 1999), art by Rick Burchett and Lee Loughridge
(Click picture to Melvin-size)


SallyP said...

A true classic.

Anonymous said...

Unless the Mad cover's a reprint, I think the issue date in the copyright credit is off by twenty years or so.

Still a classic, though.

Bully said...

You're correctamundo, Jason! I forgot to update my template. It's fixed now. Consider yourself Bull-Prized! Who says this isn't the Bountiful Age of Bully Credit Where It's Due Awards?