Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Arroooo from You: Googum presents Scud, the Disposable Assassin #11

ScudIt's a good thing that werewolves are immortal (or am I thinking of elephants? I often get them confused). Because at least one of them has been waitin' a heckuva long time for his moment in the spotlight...er, I mean moonlight. Almost a whole month ago Googum over at Random Happenstance sent me a link to a post looking in on one of his favorite comics of yesteryear, Scud The Disposable Assassin! You can check out all the arrooooin' goodness by clicking right here!

Gosh, I gotta check out the Scud collections...I've never read it, but how can you turn down a comic so wild and weird and arroooo-punctuated, as well! And you oughta check out the rest of Random Happenstance, fulla funny and incisive comics and pop culture commentary. Especially don't miss Googum's ongoing epic action-figure filled fumetti "Timing" (now in it's thirty-ninth part and goin' strong with the laffs an the action and the Kurt Wagner and Wade Wilson babysitting excitement)!

Mister Googum, thank you for the arroooo and double thanks for bein' so patient for me to link to it! That's why I'm awarding you the much-coveted Waiting for Bullot Bull-Prize! It's in the mail and it'll be in your happy hands in six to eighty-three weeks!

If my long delay in posting the newest entry of Arroooo from You, the internet's hottest meme, hasn't dissuaded you from joining in, you too can arroooo! Just email me a panel or panels featuring the sound effect arroooo (or a similar sound effect) scanned from any comic book we haven't covered here yet. Make sure you tell me what comic book it comes from, and email your scans to this address: email address

Or, you can post it on your own blog and send me a link so I can link back and properly credit you for your arroooo!

So, be back here in September of October 2011 for the next eagerly-awaited and not-at-all-delayed installment of arroooo!


googum said...

Thanks, Bully! And late? Pshaw! Scud is like the latest comic I can think of that actually finished! Give it a spin!

SallyP said...

Six to Eighty Three weeks is MORE than reasonable. And yes, googum's site is hilarious.