Saturday, October 04, 2008

Separated at Birth: "Hey, Kool-Aid!" "OH YEAH!"

Avengers #1-196, #3-22
L: Avengers v.1 #196 (June 1980), art by George Perez, Jack Abel, and Carl Gafford
R: Avengers v.3 #22 (November 1999), art by George Perez, Al Vey, and Tom Smith
(Click picture to Hank Pym-size. That's Hank Pym-Giant Man size, not Hank Pym-Ant Man size.)


Chance said...

"And I'm Wonder Man, and I think this jacket looks fabulous! look at this pose, ladies!"

Christian Zamora said...

George PĂ©rez is a God. That's all I can say :)