Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The real reason Kirk wasn't invited to Sulu's wedding.

At every space-wedding Hikaru Sulu's been at, James Kirk's been there in the background...
Star Trek #51 panel

...jealous of the attention the inscrutable Sulu gets at these events.
Star Trek #51 panel

When Sulu realized his wedding was in the imminent future...
Star Trek #51 panel

...Sulu remembered that Jim Kirk sometimes gets a little...
Star Trek #51 panel

...carried away at the reception...and definitely taking the bloom off the celebration.
Star Trek #51 panel

Nobody wants a tipsy, hallucinating Jim Kirk drunkenly staggering down the aisle and knocking over the floral bouquet.
Star Trek #51 panel

So there and then, on that day, Sulu decided that whenever he got married, Kirk wouldn't get an invite.
Star Trek #51 panel

It's an important lesson for all of us: don't invite your Captain to your wedding if he's just gonna get opussed.
Star Trek #51 panel
All panels are from Star Trek #51 (DC volume 1, June 1988), written by Peter David, penciled by Tom Sutton, inked by Ricardo Villagran, colored by Tim Harkins, lettered by Michelle Wolfman


Kevin Church said...

You know, that made complete sense in the comic. Really.

Sea-of-Green said...

Ha! Well, you have to admit that Kirk has darned ENTERTAINING hallucinations. ;-)

Michael Jones said...

There's also a reason why William Shatner didn't attend George Takei's wedding. And it had nothing to do with banging Leonine babes or Penguin hallucinations...he's a wienie!

Christian Zamora said...

I knew it!

Kirk was a penguinphobe!

SallyP said...

Well the story now, is that Takei DID send Shatner an invitation, but Shatner was too stupid to actually open the envelope.

Stupid Shatner.

Christian Zamora said...

For some reason, that strikes me as so true--