Monday, August 25, 2008

Inch High Mutant Guy

So, who's your favorite mutant in the Marvel Universe? Ask that question of a cross-section of fans and many of them will say Wolverine (unless, of course, Logan's the one who cross-sectioned them in the first place). Other perfectly respectable answers include Storm, Nightcrawler, The Beast, or Namor. Less acceptable answers: Gambit, Adam X, Maggott, Sam Guthrie's sister (what was her name? Cornhusk?), Krakoa, or former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau. Absolutely no one would answer "Cyclops."

My favorite mutant? Well, he appears in Captain America Annual #4, pulled straight from the way-out, wacky, and weird mind of Jack "The King" Kirby. And no, my fave mutant is not Magneto...
Captain America Annual #4
All panels from Captain America Annual #4 (1977), written and pencilled by Jack Kirby, inked by John Tartaglione and John Verpoorten, coloring by George Roussos, lettering by Jim Novak

...It's this guy:
Captain America Annual #4
Captain America Annual #4
Captain America Annual #4
Captain America Annual #4

The heck with another Wolverine or X-Teens's high time to give Tiny Mutant Who Lives In a Wristwatch Guy his own series. Bring him back as the new Professor X. Bring him back as the new X-pionage Secret Weapon. Heck, bring him back as The Beast's fashion consultant, I don't care. Just bring him back.

Jack Kirby's world: holy cow, it's amazing. I'm not certain I wanna live in The World of Kirby, but it's a heckuva place to spend a holiday, isn't it? Or, to paraphrase J. B. S. Haldane: "Not only is Jack Kirby's universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine."


gruedragon said...

'Absolutely no one would answer "Cyclops."'

Except me. Cyclops happens to be my favorite mutant.

chrisfarnsworth said...

Morrison and Ellis might answer Cyclops, too. They've given him the most sympathetic and cool characterization in years.

Isaac said...

I think you've committed the best paraphrase of J. B. S. Haldane that I will see all year.

The Fortress Keeper said...

I want Mister One to take out Penance.

SallyP said...

I don't want to quibble here, but shouldn't Captain America be JUST a little more cautious about marveling over new mutants right IN FRONT OF MAGNETO? I don't CARE if they both hate Nazis.

elio said...

I would draw a Mister One comic any day! Someone contact Marvel for me! :)

Teebore said...

Count me in for Cyclops also. That's two!

Shan said...

I think its X-Factor v1 #84 (the one where Cyke sends his son to the future to save his life) but there is one comic where Claremont shows why Cyclops is the one true hero among the X-Men. He is truly selfless.

So yeah, Cyclops is my favourite mutant.