Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Can We Have Kippers Four Breakfast, Sue Dear Sue Dear?

Sue StormHi everybody! Sue Storm here, reminding you of the importance of good nutrition and having a sensible, balanced breakfast! Why, we here at the Fantastic Four get together each and every morning around the kitchen table to start the day out right! We all need our vitamins, and Ben needs his minerals, so take a clue from our happy family: don't skip breakfast! You need to be in your best shape to fight Doctor Doom, explore the Negative Zone, and fit into Reed's patented skintight unstable molecule uniforms!

FF #67

Here at the Baxter Building I make it a point to make sure every member of the Fantastic Four gets breakfast. My brother Johnny burns a lot of calories, so he thinks a morning meal of toast is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Careful, Johnny: as it says here in The Jack Kirby Cookbook, care must be taken while toasting bread to avoid burning toast unless it is desired in that state. Burnt toast is possibly carcinogenic, due to elevated levels of benzopyrene! Gosh!
FF #67
FF #67
FF #67
FF #67

Ben is the hardest to cook for. His appetite is usually so enormous! But take a hint (and a recipe) from Aunt May Parker and cook that hungry man some hearty, filling wheatcakes! Served up with butter and syrup, they'll satisfy even Ben!
FF #67
FF #67

And what about Reed? Oh, that man o' mine! He's always in such a hurry to get back to his lab that he never has time for much more than a cup of coffee! Well, let me tell you a secret: what Reed doesn't know is that I've liquefied an entire ham in every cup of coffee he drinks! He'll get his hearty breakfast by hook or by crook, or my name's not Susan Mary Storm Namor Richards!
FF #67

Of course young Franklin enjoys his assortment of cold cereal. The store was out of his favorite brand, Kirby Krackles, so he'll have to make do with these:
FF cereal

...and for me, a healthy and nourishing whole grain cereal:
FF cereal

So take a hint from your happy and radioactive housekeeper, me, Sue Storm: make sure your family gets a healthy and nutritious breakfast every morning! There's no need you have to set off to fight the Mole Man feeling as hungry as Galactus! Hee hee!


SallyP said...

Mmmmmm...ham and coffee. Two great tastes, that go great together.

Sea_of_Green said...

Seriously, Galactus should have snagged Sue as a herald. He'd never be hungry again!

The Mutt said...

"I've never seen Reed so grim... so resolute... so unshaven!"

Isaac said...

I like to imagine that "Post Hulk" cereal is shaped like the aftermath of a Hulk rampage. Mmmm... rubble.

Michael said...

I TOTALLY love Kirby Krackles cereal.

googum said...

Hey, nothing beats that mid-90's cartoon tie-in Spider-Man cereal. I still have my Spidey cereal bowl at my desk, and it was tasty too!

Ryan Roe said...

That was great. Sue can serve me breakfast any day.

VanguardsOfComics said...

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We love Jack Kirby and without Jack, there probably wouldnt be an industry left in the comic book medium. This is one nod to him.