Sunday, June 08, 2008

Ten-and-a-Half of a Kind: I wear my sunglasses at night/So I can watch you weave then breathe your storylines

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Brian Smith said...

While waiting for this entry to load on Safari, I had an entry from The ISB up on a window in the background, and the alt text on it was peeking through. So it looked like the alt text for that "Birds of Prey" issue at the beginning was not the comic and issue number, but was in fact the message, "Journeys, however, remain bogus."

I share because after this and a Separated at Birth from last year, I now know that the only thing I find more fun than scrollover messages is non sequitur scrollover messages. (Although the alt text gags here for the BookExpo America logo were hilarious and unexpected.)

Michael Jones said...

Shouldn't that be eyesful, Archie. I'm impressed that his sunglasses can reflect two different bikinied women.
I'm even more impressed that he's eating an official Dan DeCarlo fudgesicle!

Harvey Jerkwater said...

An amusing bit of comic book history: if you examine the cover of "Captain Savage and His Leatherneck Raiders" #4, you'll notice that Baron Strucker's face is off-center, just a bit.


The Baron was notoriously sensitive about his appearance, and believed that his right ear was hideously deformed. It wasn't, but as you can imagine, arguing with him was futile. Thus, throughout his long career in comic book villainy, you'll never see Baron Strucker's right ear. Either it's hidden, or a prosthetic ear was placed over it.

True facts!