Tuesday, December 25, 2007

All I want for Christmas is you. Also, loot.

Happy Christmas!

Wow! It's Christmas! Hooray! Hooray! Hooray hooray hooray! Oh, I think I need to go lie down for a while.

Whew! That's better. I hope you are having as exciting a Christmas as I am! Did Santa come for you? He sure did for me! My kid sister Marshall and I were up at 4:30 AM bouncing on the bed but we were not ''lowed to go downstairs until 8 AM. Which is very funny because we live on just one floor. But we could see that the plate of bacon and the bottle of pomegranate juice we left for Santa was gone! Way to go, big guy!

I sure hope you got plenty of great stuff from Santa and your loved ones. I certainly got a great haul! Wanna see my stuff? Sure you do!

Santa brought me a new pal! At least I hope he brought him for me. And didn't just accidentally leave him behind on the roof.

And little tiny Lego™ sets! Mmmm, delicious. What's that? Build with them? Uh oh.

I got a London Moleskine diary! To write down all my London dreams and notes and places to visit. Also, a place to keep my sticky toffee collection.

It's the new Terry Pratchett book! I can hardly wait to read it. I hope this one has Sam Vimes in it.

And so I can stay up very very late at night reading my new book, a portable reading lamp to clip to the pages! It's very bright. I am seeing stars!

Speaking of books, Marshall and I got matching presents: I got The Dangerous Book for Bulls and she got The Daring Book for Cows. But she won't let me look at hers. I bet there is good stuff in there about darning and about Clara Barton.

This was on my Christmas list: The 30 Rock Viewmaster set! Whoo hoo! Now I can see Tracy Jordan in 3D. Click...click...click...oh, Miss Lemon...(heartbeat speeds up)

My very own London Underground tube train!

"London Underground regrets to announce a delay in arrival of the Circle line owing to a little stuffed bull on the track."

Now pretending that I am in the movie Casablanca is even more fun with my brand new fez! "Help me Reek! Help me!"

Yay! Santa must be a Wodehouse fan, too. Santa has good taste. What ho, Santa!

A electric guitar! Way cool! Smoooooke...on the...waaaaaater...

But where are my tiny Pillsbury Toaster Strudels?
I got a little fridge just my size, plus tiny Japanese frozen food to put in it! Domo arigato, Santa-san!

A razor scooter! Now I will be able to zip down to the store and back in no time at all! Can I go outside and try it now? Huh, huh, huh, huh, please, huh?

A piece of wood! Just like I prayed for!

And Mrs. Weasley made me a new sweater.

I am going in to have Christmas dinner and stuff myself silly with turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, stuffing, pickles, beets, green beans, cream soda and pumpkin pie! Then I will lie by the Christmas tree and play with all my new presents. Thank you Santa! Thank you all! Have a Happy Christmas, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Bully! You got great gifts!

Eric Reynolds said...

Merry Xmas, you little stuffed bull!

Rich said...

Yay! Happy Christmas, Bully.

You and that piece of wood have fun.