Thursday, October 18, 2007

You and me and that red sweater

Life's funny, y'know. I have been feeling really under the weather, allergic and itchy and swollen and cranky and sick for the past several days, unable to work on my blog, not sleepin' any, hooves swolled up like big raw red tomatoes and jus' plain feelin' sorry for myself.

Then somebody does somethin' nice for Jon did yesterday with his wonderful Bully' I smile a li'l bit.

But by today I'm feeling sore and aching and still wanting to scratch scratch scratch my itchy bits so bad I can't think of anything else, going all "woe is me" and glaring up at the little dark raincloud gathering over my head.

And then today I get a package in the mail from my pal Miranda:

Miranda sent me a new red sweater!

It fits perfectly and it shows off my bullish chest and it has lovely cut-out sleeves like a big fuzzy vest and it is my favorite color of them all, RED! (She also sent me some cool BBC MP3s!)

And you know, when I put my new sweater on it feels like happy. I don't scratch and itch as much as I have the past couple days, and it is warm and snuggly and makes me feel all good inside and out.

I think therefore, tomorrow, armed with my new red sweater, and a new cheerful attitude, I'll be back to regular posting. People may say time heals all wounds, and Mama Bull has always said a hot bowl of chicken soup and some ginger ale in my Batman glass will make me feel better, but now I know the best cure for what ails ya: a beautiful red sweater!

Life's funny. But life is also good. Thanks, Miranda, for makin' me smile ear to ear and dance around in my new red sweater!


HotAndCold said...

Oooooo, wow, did she knit it herself? Looks like a nice pattern.

Anonymous said...

Very chic indeed, Bully. 'Big' sweaters are all the rage this winter. You'll be the envy of every stuffed toy on the bookshelf.

Anonymous said...

Awwww, very nice, Bully! You look very handsome, little guy.

Get well soon.

Take it and run,

Randi Mason said...

Bully, you have just made my entire day. And you do look most spiffy in the sweater!

There's a link to the pattern (as well as more information about the Phillip Island penguin sweater program) here

J.R. Jenks said...

What size is a little stuffed bull, anyway?